I'm an artist and designer living in Asheville, NC.  This website is a place to document some of the work I've done over the years while being mom to a beautiful boy named Noah.

Some of my work has centered around helping others create living and working spaces through interior design.  Lately, I have been coming back to drawing and painting, exploring primarily botanicals through watercolors.  I also recently enrolled in a computer drafting program, and I am enjoying learning the ins and outs of AutoCAD and Revit.

Regardless of my particular area of focus, all of my work entails creativity and a love for details, and it aims to convey a quiet sense of balance, calm and beauty.

"I love that you have such a consistent aesthetic across your different mediums."   -Leah Moss

"Everyone reading this should know how uncanny and psychic Maria's design talents are.  She brings so much emotional depth to her aesthetic eye.  I think Maria sees the better self we can't always get to but are reaching for."  -Florence Gardner